A high-performing team is the key to a successful business

I’ve listened to many outstanding pitches from entrepreneurs over the past few years. With every idea I hear pitched, I’m always encouraged by the enthusiasm, confidence, energy, optimism, and creativity of the entrepreneurs. But I’ve never seen an entrepreneur’s idea … Continued

Promoting or pitching your technology to large pharma – dos and don’ts

By Duncan Young, Associate Director, Academic Alliances, and Vincenzo Garzya, Project Management Director, from AstraZeneca Scientists can be a cynical bunch. Partly it’s the training; to be critical, look for the evidence and question everything; partly it’s the bitter experiences … Continued

DisruptEd – exploring emerging technology for education

By Geoff Stead, Director of Digital & New Products at Cambridge English Language Assessment Education empowers. Education controls.Education opens doors. Education excludes.Education is both the key and the weapon.Disrupt Education. How do you see the use of technology in education? … Continued

Disruption = IoT + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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By Ahsan Zaman, Executive Director of WORLD MEDIA ONLINE The Internet of Things (IoT) is a multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity. Cisco predicts it to be worth US$14.4 trillion by 2022, with McKinsey forecast at US$11 trillion by 2025. Goldman Sachs points … Continued