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12 novel bio-business ideas created in just 54 hours

12 novel bio-business ideas created in just 54 hours

by Marta Teperek How to create 12 exciting business ideas in just 54 hours? Here is a simple recipe – take: 50 passionate entrepreneurs + 10 expert coaches + an efficient organising team, mix them, and get them to work together. How did it work? Friday evening – hit the ground running On Friday eveningRead more

In search of pitch perfection

You could stage a fabulously dramatic pitch on any one of the Cambridge Judge Business School staircases. You could…. But we didn’t. In a building famous for the architectural bravura of its public spaces, soaring painted ceilings and massive windows, our pitching workshop actually takes place in the Computer Lab: light enough, but tending to airlessRead more

What do our #FantasticAdvisers do in the holidays?

Isn’t it odd how distant December seems once you’re in January? So last year. But it was only last month, and although there was only one formal mentors day, Accelerate Cambridge coaches and mentors continued their support by email, phone and social media, with some added cheer, reflection and of course seasonal socialising thrown in.Read more

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