EnterpriseTECH Inventor Diaries: Spilios Theodoratos, Dr Ioannis Sfontouris and Jeanette Walker

Innovation and inventions do not always come from careful planning. Actually, perhaps they rarely go in that order. Most of the time they come from spontaneous reaction to some stimulus. Such a moment it was when Dr Ioannis Sfontouris was … Continued

How innovation is driving solutions in food security

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a so-called “to-do list” for people and the planet, presents 17 objectives of which “Zero Hunger” (number 2) is inextricably linked with many others. Without food security we cannot aspire to address climate action, … Continued

A high-performing team is the key to a successful business

I’ve listened to many outstanding pitches from entrepreneurs over the past few years. With every idea I hear pitched, I’m always encouraged by the enthusiasm, confidence, energy, optimism, and creativity of the entrepreneurs. But I’ve never seen an entrepreneur’s idea … Continued

The insurer and InsureTech – a happy marriage?

By Tracey Smith, FinTech and InsureTech Lead at Direct Line Group (DLG) InsureTech has been the buzzword of 2017, with almost weekly conferences on digital innovation attended by 100s of insurers trying to understand how to be more innovative and … Continued