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The University of Cambridge has been home to thought leadership for centuries, driving innovation that has enhanced mankind’s knowledge and wellbeing for over 800 years. Today a diverse new team of Cambridge scientists and engineers, led by Dr Spencer Brennan at Neutreeno, has committed to and taken the first steps in tackling climate change with dynamic and mitigative innovation capable, of slowing and ultimately reversing global warming. With the support of Accelerate Cambridge, Santander Universities, and Trinity Hall alongside collaborations with Cambridge Judge Business School, Innovate UK Edge and the Engineering Department, Neutreeno is yet again putting Cambridge thought, science and academic rigour on the world stage to accelerate the green transition.

Long before global warming became a household term, the challenge has been scientist-led. Professor Segan’s speech to the United States Congress in 1985 would be as relevant and timely if delivered at COP26 just a few weeks ago, barring the very 80’s glasses! Thirty-seven years later the message is the same, but the urgency to act is exponentially greater. Cambridge academics are once again building frameworks to put thoughts into action; contributing to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports cited in the news, revolutionising carbon markets and influencing people, companies and policy makers alike.

Talk of a low carbon economy is all around but a tangible transition is difficult. How can the world make international climate progress to reduce 45% of greenhouse emissions by 2030 with superpower competition, short national election cycles and complex, corporate global value chains? Emissions have sadly continued to increase significantly over the past decade, partly because of these issues. In response, Neutreeno has devised a framework that helps companies and individuals overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity make concrete, immediate progress to a low carbon economy. Our scientists provide tools and information that they can use to transition to a zero-emission economy more quickly and equitably.

Humanity can’t beat the climate crisis unless we both disseminate knowledge and maximise resource utility of the anticipated public sector and $130 trillion of private capital to a low carbon economy. This is Neutreeno’s raison-d’être; to help society achieve real zero, not net zero. We work collaboratively alongside intergovernmental and scientific bodies of experts on cutting-edge technological research and processes offering transparency and actionable, science-based solutions towards decarbonisation. Green virtue signalling or “carbon chat” lacks specificity and ultimately hinders the effort without providing tangible solutions. That’s why Neutreeno has built an accessible platform that gets right into the thick of it: measuring complex value chain emissions, targeting hotspots and providing real mitigation solutions at scale.

New governmental reporting regulations will require all corporations, regardless of size, to understand the full scope of their climate impact, set targets and decarbonise without greenwashing. They will need sector and industry-specific innovation to succeed. Neutreeno will facilitate and drive this global transformation.

In summary, climate change is solvable. Neutreeno is working to be the hub for global citizens and companies in all walks of life to make a material impact. We transform complexity to understanding, to truly drive the world to a zero-emission global economy. If you’re an investor, job seeker, or company, let’s work together to accelerate an equitable transition.

Neutreeno is supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme.

Spencer Brennan

Spencer Brennan

Dr Brennan is a chemical & process engineer and holds a PhD in applied & theoretical physics from University of Cambridge. He has expertise in building ultra-high resolution measurement software and hardware and industrial technologies. His research spans across multiple fields of sustainability from environmental remediation & protection to low energy electronics and novel renewable energy devices. He is a Cambridge final year engineering undergraduate supervisor and the technical CEO of Neutreeno.
Spencer Brennan

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