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CAMentrepreneurs supports business and social entrepreneurship among alumni, current students and others, not just in Cambridge but around the world.

My post covers the “Why?”  “What” and “How?” of CAMentrepreneurs, the value it brings, and how to get involved.   


While the alumni of Cambridge are a tremendous resource, many are not aware of the buzzing pro-enterprise ecosystem in Cambridge. The ecosystem barely existed prior to the formation of the Judge, so for those who graduated earlier, enterprise was not part of their Cambridge experience. Their interactions with the University are often limited to once a decade College based alumni events. Alumni from both Judge and the University have a wealth of experience, contacts, and sometimes financial wealth too, to contribute, or indeed they also may be wanting to start their own businesses. It is obvious how current students and MBAs can potentially benefit from interacting with diverse range of alumni who they would be most unlikely to meet any other way. 

What and how?

CAMentrepreneurs aspires to be a bridge between the global diaspora and Cambridge. We organise regular meetups in cities around the globe. We use the same organisational architecture as TED does in supporting TEDx-es, in that a group is only launched when there are local leaders who wants a group to exist. The activities of the group are driven and defined by local members, and tend to gravitate towards meetups and speaker meetings.   

CAMentrepreneurs launched in Cambridge with an event at the Judge, the meeting being opened and supported by Bruno Cotta, Executive Director, of the Entrepreneurship Centre.

More about CAMentrepreneurs

The purpose of  CAMentrepreneurs is to support business and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University alumni, current students and others. CAMentrepreneurs is global since its launch in 2016 we have had meetups in Dubai, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London New York, Sydney and Warsaw. The group is officially recognised by Cambridge University Alumni Association.

As well as our website, we also have a Facebook Group, a Facebook Page and a Linkedin Group. We have launched our own private social network on Mighty Networks – currently in beta. We aim to bring together positive minded alumni and others who want to work together on a voluntary basis to support enterprise, whether as entrepreneurs, investors, students or service providers. Non-Cambridge students and graduates are welcome as guests of those who are.

If you want to help with CAMentrepreneurs events in Cambridge or elsewhere, please fill in this form. Also, those reading this post want to make short community announcements at our events, just let us know post-registration.

Richard Lucas

Richard Lucas

Richard Lucas is a business and social entrepreneur.

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