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After exiting my first start-up six years ago, I achieved an MBA at the University of Edinburgh (2014-2015). During my time in Edinburgh, I shared the idea of SymbaSync and was introduced to my technical Co-founder by the University’s commercialisation team. We aimed to build an innovative recruitment software platform that provided instant connectivity without the friction of ads and searches while providing equal opportunity without bias.

SymbaSync’s recruitment platform had 11,000 users within the first six months and 185 business customers. Then, our market shifted; with US competitors raising hundreds of millions in funding, it became impossible to compete in cost of acquisition, forcing us to pivot. We went back to influential companies that supported us, including Amazon and the Royal Bank of Scotland, to discover other use cases for the tech behind the software that they could see as beneficial. Their advice was to focus on internal use cases such as project team creation and deployment. We then went on to research and develop TeamCreator.com.

TeamCreator.com provides proactive instant engagement and access to all employee opportunities while delivering transparency, removing bias, and automating employee database management.  Based on availability, skills, experience, qualifications, and (where appropriate) cost, employees and contractors can be engaged and deployed onto roles, projects, and tasks in moments.

Attending Ignite in the Summer of 2016, I found the lectures invaluable to my development as an entrepreneurial leader. We gained fundamental knowledge from our guest lecturers and classes with the academic professors. The most significant value I experienced on the Ignite programme was the shared knowledge from the cohort and community. This community extends to Investors such as Cambridge Angels and current Cambridge MBAs.

Participating in the growing Ignite LinkedIn group, I’ve stayed in contact with the programme’s growing list of alumni. As a big believer in research before new projects, the group enables me to engage with people worldwide with diverse backgrounds and industry expertise. This community has been very beneficial to our research.

My advice to fellow innovators is that knowledge is power, and it is good to be challenged. As an innovator and entrepreneur, being around others going through a similar journey provides support, balance, and knowledge to tap. Many people may artificially tell you they like what you are doing or only challenge you on superficial things during your journey. Entrepreneurs, investors, key stakeholders, and customers should be your true source of challenge. It is paramount to challenge yourself and your hypothesis as often as possible to hone your proposition and maximize your business management.

SymbaSync has successfully raised funds twice during the pandemic, completed a paid and unpaid pilot with two major international corporations, and is featured in numerous press clippings for removing bias in processes (Business Money, The National, Insider, The Scotsman, Digit, and Buzz). They are also amongst Welp Magazine’s top Project Management Companies for 2021.  

Joseph is an alumnus of the Ignite 2016 programme. Find out more about Ignite >

Joseph McElmeel

Joseph McElmeel

Joseph McElmeel is an American entrepreneur who previously founded and exited a company in Los Angeles. He earned his MBA at the University of Edinburgh in 2015, attending the Ignite programme in 2016, from which he launched SymbaSync. SymbaSync’s TeamCreator.com software continues to save time and money by instantly identifying, engaging, and deploying employees on projects, roles, and/or tasks. TeamCreator automates employee database management and deployment utilizing skills, project history, availability, interest, and cost to deploy. The software reduces bias while providing equal opportunity for all employees.
Joseph McElmeel

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