Announcing CUTEC’s latest collaboration with CJBS Entrepreneurship Centre

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The Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club is proud to announce that you can now find highlights from our CUTalks Podcast and Webinar Episodes featured on the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School media platform! 

We would like to use this opportunity to express our thanks to the ongoing support of the Entrepreneurship Centre over the years.

CUTEC was founded in October 2003 by students of the University of Cambridge and members of the MIT Venture Capital and Private Equity Club to fill the gap of technology-based entrepreneurship in Cambridge. During the first years, the core of the activities focussed on hosting the annual Technology Ventures Conference, with the aim to connect entrepreneurs, academics, investors and business professionals in Cambridge.

The club has since branched out along the core values of fostering technology entrepreneurship and creating meaningful connections between students, founders, start-ups, investors, advisors and alumni in and outside of Cambridge.

Engaging with CUTEC

There are many ways to engage with the club, and despite the current pandemic development at the time of writing, we are continuously exploring new ways to connect anyone with a link to the Cambridge entrepreneurship community.

Why not listen to one of our CUTalks podcast episodes (with guests from around Cambridge and beyond, or join one of our upcoming webinars for a casual fireside chat (and Q&A) with international entrepreneurship luminaries (find upcoming dates on our facebook page or on

Or join the CUTEC Coffee Club, a professional networking platform, where we aim to engineer serendipity by matching you (based on your profile and interests) to other entrepreneurship enthusiasts from the Cambridge Scene on a fortnightly basis (now online of course!

Or read our latest posts at We’re also looking for thought leaders who’d like to write for our blog! 

Or watch out for a set of (virtual) conference-style meet-up events in the 2020/21 academic year! 

Do you want to be a part of CUTEC’s activities? You could be a key shaper in CUTEC’s ever-evolving future, by joining the next committee in various roles. Find out more >

Benjamin Schönfuss

Benjamin Schönfuss

Benjamin Schönfuß is a final year PhD student at the University of Cambridge with an interest in all things digital, entrepreneurship, and operations. In his research he focusses on digitalisation for manufacturing SMEs. He is also an active member of CUTEC and the Cambridge entrepreneurship scene and is currently working on a startup with the aim to help hospitals all over the world to optimise their internal logistics.
Benjamin Schönfuss

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