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Connect4 is an online meetings platform that helps businesses have smarter meetings.

At the end of March our working lives changed overnight, and we’re all still learning to adapt.

Not only have we moved from office to home, we’re also trying to renegotiate client and team relationships online – as well as, in some cases, pivoting our businesses.

It’s not easy. Relationships work differently online. It’s harder to build rapport with a client when you’re in a video meeting rather than face to face. Keeping your team engaged and motivated when you’re all working remotely takes a whole new skillset.

And then there’s the issue of just getting things done. At the end of a long day of online meetings, we know only too well that feeling of not having actually moved anything forward.

The journey

In starting to build Connect4 at the end of February we looked at remote working differently. We saw it as an opportunity. A new way of working, of connecting and relationship building. We believe that online meetings can be productive, professional but also human. And that strong client relationships and effective teams start with great meetings.

Our vision of taking on ‘The Online Meeting Problem’ for businesses came on significantly whilst on the intensive Cambridge Ignite programme where we pivoted from being a partly B2C model to a purely B2B model. The ongoing support from my mentor Richard Green, and the three angel Investors I presented to has been instrumental in making decisions around the product and forming the team for the company in the go-to-market phase.

The future of remote meetings

Connect4 is your hub that helps businesses have smarter meetings. Simply set up a ‘pod’ within Connect4, invite your team or client, then choose one of our agenda templates (or use one of your own). You can store all relevant meeting docs in your pod (as well as your meeting summaries) so you’ll always start meetings on the front foot.

Pods give you and your team a structured framework to operate at your best online.

Sound intriguing? Take out a free trial or request a Connect4 Product demo at or follow us on Linkedin to follow our journey.

Andrew, Founder, Connect4, participated in Ignite 2020 and Venture Creation Weekend.

Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon

Andrew is passionate about improving human relationships online, he is the Founder and Chief Connector at Connect4. An innovative software solution for professional service firms to work in 'pods'. Andrew was previously on the leadership team of business analytics software company- Fathom setting up their first UK office in Cambridge. Andrew trained as an accountant at BDO in London and worked as a Consultant Finance Controller at Vale in Brisbane prior to turning to software. Andrew is also a Trustee of Prison Fellowship and has helped run many restorative justice courses within prisons. Andrew lives in Cambridge with his wife, Louise, who is a respiratory doctor.
Andrew Jordon

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