EnterpriseWOMEN success story: financial awareness in business – starting and scaling up amidst a pandemic

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The new norm of online working, the wonders of technology as well as the tenacious attitude exhibited by Dr. Ghina Halabi and her team made the Money Talks workshop a successful session. Ghina’s introduction emphasised the importance of understanding our economic and cultural value as women in the business world and in entrepreneurship, which currently suffers a “leaky pipeline”.

The essentials of finance for entrepreneurs

Dr Anino Emuwa, Founder and Managing Director of Avandis Consulting, provided insight on proper financial management as a vital element to start and scale up a business (operating, investing, and financing).

It’s not just cash, it’s a relationship

Anya Navidski, Founding Partner at Voulez Capital, provided valuable tips on finding the best venture capitalist to approach through due diligence and seeking partners who can open doors of opportunities. Invariably, with every business we should aim to create a better world.

The panellists Lesley Goh, Lynne Marlor, Dr Iris Good, Dr Jo Slota-Newson and George Neville-Jones were remarkable. They emphasised, among other things, the importance of technology in advancing businesses in this digital age, as well as understanding market trends and engaging having key opinion leaders for getting an advantageous position.

One key takeaway for me was from Lynne Marlor, financier and CEO and Founder of Transformational Strategies, who emphasised how important it is for women to articulate their stories based on previous performance to facilitate promotion to the next level of leadership. The promotion of our male counterparts, on the other hand, has been based on potential.

Another useful insight is that the business proof of concept can be validated by the net present value of the business. Moreover, valuation gives a gate-way for companies to look inward while the brand is its representation from an external perspective.

Useful links to online groups and training were also shared. The online breakout session made the networking aspect of the workshop even more personal. I met like-minded women with a passion for business and to make a difference in society.

The mentorship opportunity helped me examine the viability of my idea and business proposal, and the prioritisation of the business staging which is vital in the deployment of the business. Another key takeaway was that articulating the value proposition of the business to potential sponsors or business partners, and ensuring that the business value proposition matches their passion guarantee a strong collaboration. Market insight and analytics for the sponsor are also critical, as well as understanding the drivers of return on the investment required to maximise the potential of initial investment.

The generosity of the mentors sharing their skills and expertise was stimulating.

I left the workshop focussing on expanding my network and business knowledge base as well as having a growth mindset, passion, support network and strong business model, all of which are critical for an entrepreneur. The overall experience was very rewarding.

EnterpriseWOMEN is an outcome-driven and highly-focused programme tailored for early-stage women entrepreneurs who are starting or scaling their businesses. You can learn more about EnterpriseWOMEN upcoming events o the CJBS website >

Ronny Odegbami

Ronny Odegbami

Ronny is a pharmaceutical consultant with extensive therapeutic area experience in Oncology, Hematology, Anti-infectives, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Respiratory, Dermatology, and Neurology. Ronny holds a B.Sc. in Pharmacology, an MBA (Warwick Business School), and a Certificate in Health Economics and Coaching. She’s a member of the Financial Times Non-Executive Director club and a trustee of Picker.

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