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About our venture is a digital health company on a mission to create a world where people receive the best care science has to offer. We combine the latest technology and deep clinical expertise to create intuitive and delightful digital health tools that empower clinicians and patients. The company is pioneering the development of clinical decision support systems based on natural language processing artificial intelligence technologies that instantly searches and retrieves clinical answers for clinicians. We are supported by Accelerate Cambridge and we were recently awarded a Santander Universities Accelerate Cambridge Project Award 2020 that will help us to undertake our projects and get them to market entry sooner.

Coronavirus: how we are helping

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are learning more about the disease and its effect on people of all ages and backgrounds. As the curve of new infections begins to flatten in parts of the world, we must remain vigilant and resilient to mitigate further pandemic waves and minimize the human cost. Science is the key to solving this crisis and saving lives. As clinicians, scientists and researchers rush to understand COVID, there is an explosion of information but in varying quality. According to LitCovid, as of May 10th, there have been 11,151 COVID-19 related publications and the number of new publications doubled every 1.4 weeks. In the UK, a variety of organisations have published COVID-19 guidelines. These guidelines are constantly being revised and updated, making it difficult for clinicians to keep up with the latest information while caring for their patients. is dedicated to helping people get the best care science has to offer. We are working hard to tackle this problem — helping clinicians navigate and find the answers they need instantly from the exponentially increasing sources of information. analysis, data from LitCovid. The number of COVID-19 publications – the exponential curve that should not flatten.

Helping clinicians to find an instant answer

Dr Keith Tsui, Founder/CEO,

Our approach at is to create a centralised one-stop-shop for all high-quality information and resources that could be deployed immediately at the frontline. We source content from highly reputable and authoritative sources such as NICE guidelinesCochrane reviewsNHS England and Public Health England guidance, among others. Unlike most other search engines, which redirect you to a link or a PDF document, we cut to the chase and find the exact sentence or paragraph that answers your clinical question. For questions that are currently unanswered, we work constantly to add additional content. The more people using our platform, the more content it will include and the faster and better our search algorithm gets.

Our top priority is to support health professionals working around the clock to care for those in need, and therefore we are making our platform available, free of charge, to clinicians. We are continuously listening to feedback, learning, and improving the platform quickly. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email us at [email protected].

In the meantime, please continue to take care of yourselves and stay safe. Together, we can get through these tough times.

Dr Keith Tsui
Dr. Keith Tsui, CEO and Co-Founder,, is a medical doctor and holds an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge. Keith was previously a management consultant working on productivity projects for NHS Trusts and STPs. Before co-founding Medwyse, Keith was a clinical product manager at a global remote patient monitoring and digital biomarker company with partners such as Apple and Tencent.
Dr Keith Tsui

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