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26.09.19 Stefania and Maria from Corporate Relocations
Maria Kouri, Managing Director, Corporate Relocations

Corporate Relocations has over 20 years of experience in relocation services. We provide critical support and services to make a relocation to Greece, a smooth and stress-free experience.

Last year, we felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to join the SME Growth Challenge (now named the Strategic Business Growth programme) and participate in an enlightening journey. It was an absolute pleasure to  be educated by professors lecturing at Cambridge. Their hospitality, authenticity and friendliness was unique. They shared their knowledge and helped us to understand how to evaluate our company, be better leaders, rethink our marketing strategy and serve our clients in the best way possible in this changing world. We now possess the tools and knowledge to take on best practices to grow. We know where to turn for valuable help.

Since the programme we have gained so much self-confidence. Our fellow students in the cohort share the same nostalgic sentiment – we would like our journey to continue forever.

Corporate Relocations participated in the Strategic Business Growth programme in 2018/19. Find out more about the programme >

Maria Kouri

Maria Kouri

Experienced relocation professional - maybe the first and only relocation professional in Greece providing relocation services for 24 years! Holder of BA, MA (South Bank University London) and Troisieme Cycle (Leonard De Vinci Paris) in European Studies. Most importantly, I am a very happy and proud, Managing Director for a passionate and ambitious team of eight at Corporate Relocations Greece!
Maria Kouri

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