EnterpriseWOMEN success story: clear the stage for female entrepreneurs

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The red curtains of the stage are opening for the theater show

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words ‘Centre Stage’ is standing in front of a lot of people: being exposed to their attention and high expectations, being in the limelight. This does not usually appeal to me. However, I bought a ticket to EnterpriseWOMEN: Centre Stage hosted at Cambridge Judge on 22 February 2020, as I knew this was an area I needed to build my confidence in.

The first indicator that the workshop would be great, was the inspiring welcome to kick start the morning, by Dr Ghina Halabi, who leads EnterpriseWOMEN. Her introduction taught us valuable lessons and pointing out the essential details that make all the difference in your public appearance.

Dr Judita Vivias, a performer and physical theatre artist, was our first keynote speaker for the day. What impressed me about her session was her precise application of concepts drawing from her experience in the entrepreneurial world. She taught us exactly what was relevant when pitching your passion and ideas to others. Minor little tweaks, make a huge difference when on stage. We communicated with our hands, found our grounding spot and learned to always allow ourselves a few seconds of preparation.

Following Judita, the stage opened for Bridgid Nzekwu, Director of Media Training at PA Group. Bridgids’ presentation explored the energy-driven dynamics of the media industry. She taught us how to own the room, ‘how to resist journalists’ pressing curiosity and how to bring across your message – be clear, concise, and compelling.

I have found the whole Cambridge ecosystem, extremely inspiring as a young entrepreneur on the Accelerate Cambridge programme and as a student studying the Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship at CJBS. I feel part of the entrepreneurial community in programs like EnterpriseWOMEN which creates value in another way.

In recent news, my venture that I co-founded, Happyr Health, secured first prize at the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs 2K competition for software category (shortly after I attended EnterpriseWOMEN might be a coincidence). Happyr Health is a mobile game for children suffering from migraines. Still, my learnings from attending EnterpriseWOMEN: Centre Stage will enhance my future pitches and interviews.

You can learn more about EnterpriseWOMEN and the upcoming events on the CJBS website >

Nicola Filzmoser

Nicola Filzmoser

Nicola is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Happyr, a company that aims to support children with chronic pain through the use of mobile gaming. She is also a student at Judge Business School, doing her MSt in Entrepreneurship and is part of Accelerate Cambridge with her venture, Happyr.
Nicola Filzmoser

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