How innovation is driving solutions in food security

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a so-called “to-do list” for people and the planet, presents 17 objectives of which “Zero Hunger” (number 2) is inextricably linked with many others. Without food security we cannot aspire to address climate action, … Continued

Jukedeck: building a creative AI business

I never thought I’d start a business. From the age of seven, my passion and focus was music: first as a chorister in King’s College Choir; through classical piano, jazz flute, a cappella groups and songwriting; returning to King’s to … Continued

EnterpriseTECH: the key to realising innovation

NHS clinicians have access to many different investigations and treatments for patients. Through years of work in different clinical specialties, we become aware that both investigations and treatments carry inherent deficiencies. They may be expensive, uncomfortable for the patient, time-consuming … Continued

A high-performing team is the key to a successful business

I’ve listened to many outstanding pitches from entrepreneurs over the past few years. With every idea I hear pitched, I’m always encouraged by the enthusiasm, confidence, energy, optimism, and creativity of the entrepreneurs. But I’ve never seen an entrepreneur’s idea … Continued